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Cheryl Tenorio combines the most traditional approach to work with clay with a very intricate, almost poetic, process that gives each piece a very unique finish and texture. By emphasizing in form and aesthetics, her work incites the viewer to interact with each piece, to follow the flow of the form and to make of the experience a more tactile one.

For her, ceramics is more than an object that is meant to fulfill a purpose. Through clay, she is able to portray emotions and go over the edge of functionality and enter the field of visual beauty.

She is very attracted to form, texture, patterns, color and the simplicity of objects that makes them visually appealing and, at the same time, efficiently functional. She finds her inspiration mainly in experiences from her life, memories from her childhood and her life back in her country. Her hispanic heritage has become very important when she creates new pieces, and enjoys when she is able to integrate some of her cultural background into the context of her work.